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This means that the Individual Ingredients have gone through exacting tests to ensure that they're safe to use and that there's just the minimum risk of causing allergy.

Aloe Vera
The juice from the leaves of this Cactus type plant is often used in Skin-Care Ingredients because of its soothing, protecting and moisturizing qualities.

These wok by mopping up and absorbing free radicals from your skin, that is highly reactive molecules that can damage your skin and cause premature ageing. Good antioxidants are the ACE vitamins, that is vitamins A, C and E.

Benzoyl Peroxide
This is an ingredient commonly used in over-the-counter spot and acne treatment because it gently peels surface skin and unclogs blocked follicles which can cause spots.

Cocoa Butter
This comes from the seeds of the cacoa tree in tropical climates. Cocoa Butter Is an excellent moisturizer, especially for dry skin on the body.

Collagen is an elastic type of substance in the underlying tissues of your skin that provide suppport and springiness. Old Collagen Fibres are less elastic than young Collagen, which is one of the main reasons why skin can become less springy as it ages. Collagen is popular ingredient in Skin-Care Treatments, although its doubtful if a molecule this size can actually penetrate the skin.

Dermatologically Tested
This mean the product has been patch tested in a panel of human volunteers to monitor it for any tendency to cause irritation. This means its usually suitable for sensitive skin.

Exfoliating means whisking away the top layers of dead surface cells from your skin, making it look brighter arid feel smoother. To exfoliate, you massage a gritty exfoliating scrub over damp skin then rinse away with warm water.

These are fibres in the underlying layer of your skin, rather like collagen, which helps to give it strength and elasticity.

Fruit Acids
Also known as AHA's or Alphahydroxy acids. They are commonly found in natural products such as fruit, sour milk and wine. AHA's are included in many Face Creams because they work by breaking down the protein bonds that hold together the dead cells on the skins surface, to reveal newer, Fresher Skin underneath.

These Ingredients are often found in moistures, as they work by attracting moisture to themselves, and so keep the surface layers of your skin well hydrated.

These products are usually fragrance-free, contains the minimum of coloring agents and no known irritants or sensitizers. This is not a total guarantee that no-one will have an allergic reaction to them. Some people are even allergic to water.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba is a liquid wax obtained from the seeds of a Mexican shrub. It was used for centuries by American Indians. It is gentle, non-irritant oil which makes an excellent moisturizer as it is easily absorbed into the skin and helps to improve the condition of the hair and scalp.

Lanolin Free
This means a product doesn't contain the ingredients Lanolin the fat stripper from sheep's wool. At one time it was thought that Lanolin was a common skin allergen, although evidence does now seem to show that Lanolin is even suitable for sensitive skins.

These are tiny fluid-filled spheres made of the same material that forms cell membranes. Their very small size is said to let them penetrate into the-skin's living cells, where they act as delivery parcels that release their active ingredients.

A Comedo is a blackhead, so this means the product has been screened to eliminate ingredients which can clog the follicles and encourage blackheads and spots. its particularly useful for oily thins.

Oil of Evening Primrose
The oils taken from the seeds of the Evening Primrose Plant is very useful for helping your skin retain its moisture. It is a wonderful moisturizer particularly for dry or very dry skins, as it hydrates, protects, soothes. It also improves the skin's overall softness and suppleness.

pH balanced
The pH scale measures the acidity of alkanity of a solution, with 7 meaning that it is neutral any number below that is acidic and numbers above are alkaline. Healthy skin has a slightly acidic reading, so pH balanced skin-care products are slightly acidic to maintain this natural optimum level.

Retin A
Also known as Retinoic A, this is a derivative of Vitamin A that has been used for years to treat acne. Now its available on prescription and to be used under medical supervision, to help reserve the visible signs of ageing on the skin.

These initials stand for Sun Protection Factoc They will tell you how long the sun cream or moisturizer will protect you from the suns burning UltraViolet rays. The higher the number the more protection it will give you.

UltraViolet (UV) rays
UltraViolet rays can damage your skin. UVB rays will burn your skin If you sunbathe too long. UVA rays are strong all year round and cause ageing and wrinkling of the skin. Guard against this with broad-spectrum sun cream, which contains both UVA and UVB filters.

Vitamin E
This is often used in moisturizers because it can help combat dryness and the signs of ageing. It is also useful for helping to heal scars and bums.